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What We Do

Lavery Culinary Group (LCG) is a full-service marketing and video production company. LCG is a combination of unique perspectives, industry experience, and inter-generational insights. Bryan and Nick Lavery and associates bring their knowledge of media, marketing, photography and filmmaking to all things culinary. We bring an informed and educated point of view to all our projects.


Each project is approached with a dedicated focus on intentional storytelling. Giving viewers a chance to build a direct connection by learning about the challenges and triumphs of local farmers, restaurateurs, and winemakers drive a desire to experience the region first hand. We are experts at identifying a compelling story where others may not see one and helping our clients tell their story on camera in a comfortable and natural way.

We specialize in videography and photography and with a strong focus on culinary and agritourism, and the emerging experiential tourism market.


LCG’s marketing services comprise cinematography, photography, visual and traditional storytelling, as well as web development. LCG provides specialized services to entrepreneurs and DMO’s in the culinary community to help them bring new ideas and businesses to market. Expertise is focused on helping start-ups and existing culinary businesses improve operations to achieve a sustainable and profitable operation. LCG’s experience will guide any culinary endeavour to succeed.


LCG strategically partners with businesses and start-ups so they can grow and thrive, by providing businesses with the ability to respond to evolving consumer and market demands with agility. Doing so gives our clients the broadest possible benefits that our offerings of specialized services, innovative solutions, technical abilities, and skilled professionals can provide.


Business Development

– Business Start-up, Expansion or Modernization

– Developing Business ideas, Innovation, Research and Development

Operational Consulting

– Entrepreneurial  Support

– Employee Training and Development, Productivity

– Menu and Recipe Development

– Consultant Services and Advice

Marketing and Development

– Photography, Cinematography and Visual and Traditional Storytelling

– Web Development

– Social Media Management and Consultation