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Experiential Walking Tours

This summer a range of food-focused and cultural walking tours will be on offer. You will be able to experience the Forest City in a new way and indulge all of your senses with an insider tour by a local culinary expert.

Have a customized experience curated around your tastes and interests, or join one of our pre-developed trails. You’ll be able to attend one of our experiential culinary pop-up classes or dinners, take a hands-on Tasting Tour of the Covent Garden Market culminating in an optional cooking class or an interactive culinary tour centred on and around the Forks of the Thames with partners such as The Rhino Lounge at Museum London. Or simply explore our dynamic culinary scene with an insider.

Contact the Lavery Culinary Group to book an Experiential Walking Tour or have your own experience custom-tailored. Individuals, groups and corporate teams are all welcome.

Our Experiences

Covent Garden Market Experience

Experience the Covent Garden Market and surrounding area with a friendly local insider. You’ll have a personal introduction to London’s Market foods and the passionate people behind them. We will eat and drink at a minimum of five unique spots, which may include a cheesemonger, butcher, artisanal baker, small-batch coffee roaster, chocolatier or ice cream purveyor. By the end of this progressive tasting experience, you’ll have sampled a series of locally-sourced, in-season signature items that add up to an authentic expression of London’s culinary scene.

On the Forks Cultural and Culinary Experience

Experience London’s foodie and cultural scene on this three-hour guided walking experience by a culinary insider. The experience begins at the historic Covent Garden Market where you’ll meet friendly specialty food vendors.

Along the way, we will visit several unique spots, which may include a farm to table restaurant, cheesemonger, butcher, artisanal baker, small-batch coffee roaster, chocolatier or ice cream purveyor. This tour, centred around the Forks of the Thames stops at Museum London for a sit-down dining experience at the Rhino Lounge.

Our Culinary and Cultural Experiences allow you to learn about the heritage sites we pass, discuss the history of the founding of the city and point out some of the more eccentric things that only a true insider can show you.

Ultimate Forest City Culinary Experience

Are you a gastronome or a foodie?

With the keen interest in all things culinary, it should not surprise anyone to learn that there is a gastronomic pecking order. At the bottom of the gastronomic hierarchy is goinfre (greedy guts), then goulu (glutton), gourmand, (one who enjoys eating), friand (epicure; one who with discriminating taste takes pleasure in fine food and drink), gourmet (a connoisseur of food and drink), and finally the gastronome (one with a serious interest in gastronomy). Let’s not overlook “foodie”, a contemporary term that is frequently used as a synonym for gastronome or epicure. There is a distinct difference in their meanings. The foodie is a hobbyist and a gastronome has the educated palate and refined taste of a professional.

Whether you consider yourself a gastronome or a foodie, how about partaking in the ultimate, intimate, authentic hands-on dining experience guided by a top culinary professional that culminates in a 6-course farm-to-table tasting menu and wine pairing by one of London’s most innovative chefs?

Walk through London’s bustling downtown with your fellow guests stopping along the way for a locally inspired cocktail from a top mixologist before arriving at our confidential destination where the experience will truly begin.

Contact us to book.

FAQ & Fine Print

How to cancellations work?

A minimum of 48 hours notice for any cancellation is required. All cancellations /notifications/rescheduling must be emailed to create@laveryculinarygroup.com.

Will the experiences operate during bad weather?

Yes, our food tours operate rain or shine, snow or cold, wet or dry. Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.

Are the experiences accessible?

Yes, the majority of our food tours are accessible to wheelchairs and walking aids. Service dogs are welcome at most of our stops.

Will there be washrooms throughout the experiences?

Well maintained and accessible washrooms are available during the Experiential Tours at various stops on the way.

How far do we walk?

Our culinary experiences cover approximately  1.5 – 2 km over the course of. 2-3 hours, with approximately 30 minutes of total walking. We stop several times and maintain a comfortable pace. The area around the Forks of the Thames has some changes in elevation, so if your experience includes this area please be prepared to traverse some small hills.

Do you provide options for dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)?

We can often substitute a dish or two on the tour to accommodate dietary restrictions, but please contact us first before purchasing your ticket. We can also customize experiences for groups of six or more.

Does the culinary experience include drinks?

Your ticket includes all the food and drinks served on the tour. Some of our tours may have optional craft cocktail & wine packages, otherwise, all beverages will are included with your ticket.

Are gratuities included in the price?

There is no automatic gratuity included in the price of your experience. Your guide will appreciate a tip at the end of the experience, but it is not expected or required.

Will the stops be closed to the public during the experience?

We set-up each stop in advance with our partners who as small indie businesses may be serving regulars when we arrive, so we may face a minimal wait or eat standing at some stops. It’s part of our commitment to supporting local food and farmers who showcase the best of our city. All our Culinary Tours operate rain or shine.