Our Team

The Lavery Culinary Group has a flavour of adventure to serve every palate. Our team of culinary professionals bring together groups of visitors for intimate, immersive adventures where they experience hands-on and behind the scenes the passion of our local artisans and creators with a culinary insider. You’ll be able to attend one of our experiential culinary pop-up classes or dinners or take a Tasting Tour of the Covent Garden Market culminating in an optional cooking class. You can have an interactive culinary and cultural tour centred on and around the Forks of the Thames with partners such as Eldon House, or simply explore our dynamic culinary scene with an insider.

Bryan Lavery

Culinary Director

Bryan Lavery has enjoyed a long and dynamic career in the culinary and hospitality arts and has established, owned and partnered in many great restaurants that became a way of life, and more importantly, an ideology.  He has travelled extensively, with a penchant for the energy of Toronto, Montreal and New York City with a focus on the regional cuisines of Canada, Italy and France. He is a proponent of the Slow Food Movement, Experiential Culinary Tourism and the Buy Local and  Farm-to-Table movement.

As a food writer and business advisor, Bryan brings years of professional experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry as a chef, restaurateur, event planner and consultant. Always on the lookout for the stories that he should be telling, he has helped shape EatDrink magazine for 12 years and  London’s Local Flavour Culinary Guide, both under his byline and behind the scenes.

Nick Lavery

Creative Director

LCG’s Creative Director Nick Lavery has been named one of Business London’s Twenty in Their 20s for 2018.

Nick’s growing client list includes businesses from the culinary field, tourism and financial sectors, not-for-profits, charitable organizations and health and fitness studios. In August of 2018, Nick travelled to the Netherlands to present at CISV’s Global Conference for non-profits on “How and Why Non-Profits Tell Their Story With Video”. There, Nick addressed non-profit employees and volunteers from over 100 countries.

As the Creative Director of the Lavery Culinary Group, he works with restaurants, tourism agencies, and DMOs to tell local stories and craft experiences for the next generation of tourists. He is actively engaged in two e-commerce businesses and volunteers with the youth organization, CISV.

An avid traveller, Nick always enjoys sampling local cuisine while abroad. From street tacos in Mexico City to haute cuisine of Paris, Nick is always on the lookout for the next food and drink trend.

Gary Rowsell

Former Guest Relations Manager, Concierge and Event Coordinator for Relais & Chateau property as well as several premium and luxury Cruise Lines. A former manager of an upscale premium 11- room member of Ontario’s Finest Inns, with a solid career in hospitality and customer service.  Gary is a long-time associate and Hospitality Consultant at the Lavery Culinary Group.

Manuela Frongia

A founding member of the original Slow Food London convivium. Manuela has worked closely with Bryan Lavery producing events over the past 20 years. Catering Manager at Blackfriars Bistro, Manuela is a long-time associate of the Lavery Culinary Group. Manuela manages the overall implementation of special events, pop-ups, cooking classes including planning, coordinating, delivering and evaluating a variety of innovative fundraising, culinary and special events for us.

Phong Tran

An avid cinematographer and professional photographer, Phong has been working closely with London Culinary Group over the past year. His stunning photography has been featured on various publications. He was recently profiled in the magazine Elle Man VIETNAM for his role filming and producing a documentary about the cultural phenomenon of Nike AirMax sneakers in his home town – Ho Chi Minh City.

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